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We have community groups that meet at various time and places throughout the week. These are groups that strengthen us as proactive Christ-followers in koinonia fellowship and provide a tangible way to serve and live scriptures and our own stories of soul restoration. If you are interested in being a part of a community group or would just like more info, please email


Nearly since the church's beginning, faithful believers have used creeds both to confess the faith publicly and to worship corporately. One of the earliest extant creeds still used by the church today is the Apostles' Creed. While never meant to be an exhaustive list of what Christians believe, the Apostles' Creed succinctly summarized the essential elements of the apostolic faith. Since the fourth century, then, many congregations used this creed as a tool to instruct new believers in the faith. Instruction was not the only use of the Apostles' Creed, however. It also was used as an important part of the celebration of the symbol of baptism, which traditionally occurred on Easter Sunday. At their baptism, new Christians would recite the creed as a public profession of the faith they had experienced and studied. With this history in mind, "Credo" is a seminar especially for new believers looking to follow Christ in the command to be baptized, as well as for Christians interested in covenanting together with the community of saints at Restoration Church.   


This class which will help grow a deeper understanding of what Christians believe and what it means to be a part of His redemptive story. If you have been baptized in the last year, or you are investigating baptism we strongly encourage that you make plans to attend.

Additionally, this class will better explain what it means to be a part of Christ’s Body, the Church. Being a part of God’s family has far reaching implications that go beyond simply attending a gathering. This class will help better explain why we take so seriously church membership/covenant.

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Exploring and committing to covenant with Restoration Church lets you know what we believe, where we are going, and how to be a part of it. Classes are held quarterly where individuals can explore, discover, and learn how to enter into covenant with the Restoration Family. This is done through our Credo course. For information on Credo email

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There are many ways to be connected with Restoration Church in seeing WNY be restored and being restored ourselves. For more information on how to be involved, click on the form below:

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