THE COMPASS - To learn how to pray in all areas of your life we have an internal resource. It's called, "Compass" a guide. You can now download it for free by clicking HERE. Please read the letter from the author first as it sets the right frame of mind to approach the booklet and also gives a little about his heart for prayer. This guide is short and easy to read and will revolutionize your life in prayer.

REQUESTS? - Anytime you have a prayer request you would like to share in confidence you can email and you can take comfort in knowing that it will be prayed for by our staff.

ON SUNDAY - Sunday morning, after our gatherings, the elders and deacons will be available up front to meet with you for prayer.

DURING THE WEEK - Wednesdays at 10am the prayer team meets in the fireside room to pray for the church's requests and it's leaders. This time is open to all.

PRAYER NIGHTS - Once each quarter of the year, we hold a communal, mid-week, worship or prayer night. On these prayer nights we invite whoever is able to come to join together as we pray for our church, our community, and our greater world around us.

IN DAILY LIFE - We recommend or the Echo prayer app if you would like to have some more organization to your prayer life or have trouble remembering prayers and/or would like to journal them. It's quick, free, and easy to sign up. You can customize your own settings and have prayer reminders sent to your email or texted to your phone as well as journal about answered prayers, etc.

spiritual gifts

Have you ever wondered what gifts you have and How God has uniquely gifted you to serve and build up the Church and spread His name?

Below is a tool you can go through and gain more insight into how God has gifted you (based on Romans 12 & Ephesians 4)Please take a few minutes and go through the questions and then stop and pray to the Lord asking how He would want you to be active in this gifting. Please contact us if you need more clarity or would simply like to know how to plug in based upon these gifts.